Tubular feed screws

Tubular feed screws are used when bulk materials must be conveyed over long distances without generating dust. Tubular feed screws are also used as dosing screws under silos or containers.
Our screws can freely convey on conveying distances of up to 8 meters without a central bearing. For longer conveying distances we recommend a central bearing.

Fields of application:

Screws convey dusty, fine-grained products as well as grain sizes up to 8 mm without any problems.
For higher temperatures, we use appropriate temperature-resistant materials.
Tubular feed screws are installed horizontally or inclined.

Drive technology:

We use SEW drive units as standard; both shaft-mounted gear units and helical gear units are used. The torque transmission is then directly or via claw couplings or chain drive.
Other makes can be used on request.

Inlets and outlets

The design of the inlets and outlets is project-specific and can be carried out individually.

Worm shaft

Depending on the conveying length, a solid shaft or tube design is selected for the screw shafts. The shaft journals are designed to accommodate the bearing arrangements and
sealings. The choice of screw blade material depends on the product requirements. We can use wear-resistant materials as well as appropriate stainless steels.


The worm shaft is supported in pillow block or flange bearings.
We use stuffing box seals at the shaft outlet and special seals for bearings in flange bearings.